Terpenes explained: Frequently Asked Questions About Terpenes

Thanks to the increasing attention on plant-based products and the growth of legal cannabis, terpenes are more popular than ever. But what do we actually know about these little molecules and how can they be utilized? Have a question about terpenes? We’ve probably got the answer in this beginner’s guide. Here is a round-up of […]

Using Terpenes to Enhance Flavor

Imagine a world-class chef using extracted molecules from a hemp plant to help bring added flavor to their dishes. Or a craft brewer adding hoppy terpenes to bring an even bigger punch of flavor to their IPA beer. Imagine that instead of harmful synthetic flavoring agents, vaporizer extract companies used hemp-derived terpenes to flavor and […]

Terpenes For Sale? How to Find a Reputable Terpene Supplier

Google any variation of the words “terpenes for sale” and the magic of the internet will send you back thousands of results. There are more terpene suppliers in this world than ever before, with varying degrees of attention to detail, safety and satisfaction. If you want to add terpenes to your products, from cosmetics to […]