Who are we ?

Groff North America (Groff NA) is on a mission to help unlock the tremendous potential of Cannabis-based medicines in the U.S and overseas. Having received authorization from the DEA to grow 100% federally-legal Cannabis, we now have a unprecidented pathway to expand the research, development and manufacture of Cannabis therapeutics.


In 2021, Groff NA was awarded the following Suite of schedule I registrations:


  • Schedule I Bulk Manufacturing

Bulk Manufacture registration allows for the cultivation, extraction, and processing of federally-legal Cannabis.

  • Schedule I Marijuana Non-Bulk Manufacturing (Patient Dose)

Non-Bulk Manufacturing (Patient Dose Form) registration allows Groff NA to take Cannabis grown under the Bulk Manufacturing registration and produce precise dosed forms for clinical trials and for FDA-approved drugs.

  • Schedule I Importer

Importer registration allows Groff NA to import Cannabis flower, genetics, and extracts from anywhere in the world for use in our US operations.

  • Schedule I Exporter

Exporter registration allows Groff NA to export Cannabis flower and Cannabis preparations to any of the 150+ signatory countries in the UN Single Convention on Narcotics.

  • Schedule I Researcher

Researcher registration allows Groff NA to conduct its own research on Cannabis based therapies. This also allows Groff NA to collaborate with researchers working on new Cannabis- based drug development and scientific advancement.

  • Schedule I Analytical Lab

Analytical Lab allows Groff NA to commercially test Cannabis at the highest standards possible.

Groff North America products & Services


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (api) Manufacturing


Pharmaceutical Deveopment


Legal Hemp and Cannabis Extraction


Import and Export Cannabis Worldwide

Custom formulation

If you are looking to formulate using THC, CBD, Terpenes, or one of our many other Cannabonoid Isolates, Groff NA is here to help!