groff na | at a glance

Overview: Based in Red Lion, PA, Groff North America is 1 of 5 federally-legal producers of Cannabis in the United States and possesses a full suite of federal cannabis registrations.

Mission: Through our unique collection of assets and science-driven approach, Groff North America will become the market leader in development, manufacturing, and sale of federally legal Cannabis and Cannabis-derived products.

About groff na

Groff North America (Groff NA) is on a mission to help unlock the tremendous potential cannabis-based medicines in the U.S and overseas. Having received authorization from the DEA to grow 100% federally-legal cannabis, we now have a unprecidented pathway to expand the research, development and manufacture of Cannabis therapeutics.

Groff NA is a physician-owned Cannabis cultivation, extraction and formulation company based in South Central, PA. Founded by Steve Groff, M.D. and lead by Joe Grzyb, CEO, Groff NA cultivates, processes, and refines both cannabis and hemp with a commitment to provide quality, consistent, sustainable, and trusted cannabis products to businesses and researchers. GNA sells its cannabis products for federally-authorized research, drug development, drug manufacturing and export. Groff NA is one of only three commercially-focused cannabis companies with Schedule 1 registrations from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration for bulk cultivation of marijuana, and the only company to further possess registration for patient dose manufacturing (capsules, tinctures, lotions, etc). Groff NA also holds registrations as a cannabis exporter, importer, researcher, and analytical lab. In December of 2021, Groff NA yielded a highly successful first harvest of high-quality, medical-grade cannabis. With our seed-to-shelf capabilities and commitment to science-driven approach, Groff NA is enabling the advancement of Cannabis-based medicine around the globe.