Terpenes For Sale? How to Find a Reputable Terpene Supplier

PUBLISHED Apr 13, 2020

Google any variation of the words “terpenes for sale” and the magic of the internet will send you back thousands of results. There are more terpene suppliers in this world than ever before, with varying degrees of attention to detail, safety and satisfaction. If you want to add terpenes to your products, from cosmetics to nutraceuticals, finding a safe and trustworthy supplier is a business necessity. 

As a terpene supplier that prides ourselves on transparency and quality, at Groff North America we understand what goes into running a legitimate operation. We’ve compiled a list of five questions you should ask any terpene supplier before making a purchase...and that includes us!


5 Questions to Ask When Looking for High-Quality Terpenes for Sale 


Where are these terpenes extracted from?


Terpenes are found in virtually all plants, fruits and even some insects. As such, the source material for terpenes is endless, making it difficult to track the supply chain. A reputable terpene supplier should be able to tell you the source of the biomaterials they use to extract their terpenes. 


At Groff North America, we understand the obvious: you cannot ensure a quality product unless you know where your source materials are coming from. The biomass we use to extract all of our terpenes comes from hemp grown organically right here in Pennsylvania.



How do you extract terpenes?


There is a wide variety of methods that can be used to extract terpenes. Some extraction methods, while more expeditious and cheaper for the extractor, don’t end in quality products for the buyer. Some terpene extraction methods can leave trace amounts of solvents or heavy metals behind or burn the biomass to such a degree that it is unusable, others extract cannabinoids along with the terpenes resulting in a murky mix of a final product. 


Groff North America takes a more sophisticated approach to terpene extraction. Starting with high-quality biomass, we use a soft isolation method that results in 99%+ pure terpenes. No solvents or harsh temperatures are used in the making of our products. Our proprietary extraction process is so gentle that the plant biomass can be returned to the farmer and repurposed. 



Can I see a third-party lab test/Certificate of Analysis?


If we had to label one question on this list as the most important, this one would be it.  Before you buy any terpenes for sale that you find on the internet, you have to ask for third-party lab test results. And don’t stop there: do due diligence on the lab itself. Is it credible? Is it compliant? Can their results be trusted? Independent lab tests are what keep your products, and therefore your customers, safe. Reputable third-party lab tests and COAs should tell you about residual heavy metals, fungus and microbials, pesticides, and potency. 


Groff North America’s extraction lab is run by scientists who understand the importance of independent testing. We work with a third-party ISO-accredited lab to run a full panel of tests that include cannabinoid potency, microbes and fungus, heavy metals, pesticides and, of course, terpenes. Groff North America is more than happy to share our lab test results with you. 


What do you do to ensure quality control in your shipping and receiving methods?


Quality control starts with sourcing high-quality biomass, but it should extend all the way through to storage, shipping and receiving methods. Extracted compounds like terpenes can be fickle. To ensure terpenes keep their intended potency, they must be handled with care at every single stage of the manufacturing and delivery process. 


At Groff North America, we use a climate-controlled and secure warehouse. Our packaging is FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and DOT (Department of Transportation) compliant. All of our finished product is stored in a chiller or freezer for maximum stability depending on the chemical makeup. The intentionality we put into our storage, shipping and receiving methods is all in service of our product’s potency and quality. With every shipment, we include an SDS and COA and we ship according to all regulatory requirements. No shortcuts!


What terpene or terpene profile is best for achieving my product’s needs?


No two terpenes are quite the same. They give off different aromas, flavors and effects. When combined with other terpenes, a terpene profile is created, which in turn gives off unique synergistic effects. If you aren’t sure what terpene or terpene profile is best for your intended use, a worthy terpene supply partner should be able to consult on the best blend for you. 


At Groff North America, we get excited about figuring out the very best terpene profile for your exact needs. We can even hunt down specific hemp cultivars that harness unique terpene profiles. Whether it’s a certain fragrance or flavor or a specific therapeutic benefit, we love putting the puzzle pieces together for you. 


Looking for terpenes for sale?

Terpenes can be a powerful addition to so many products, but it’s important to know where they are coming from before you buy them. To learn more about how you can utilize hemp-derived terpenes in your product, download our free guide

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