Using Terpenes to Enhance Flavor

PUBLISHED Apr 13, 2020
Terpenes can be used for vape cartridge flavor

Imagine a world-class chef using extracted molecules from a hemp plant to help bring added flavor to their dishes. Or a craft brewer adding hoppy terpenes to bring an even bigger punch of flavor to their IPA beer. Imagine that instead of harmful synthetic flavoring agents, vaporizer extract companies used hemp-derived terpenes to flavor and enhance their cartridges. 


These are not far fetched predictions for a far-flung future. These possibilities are happening right here, right now! There’s no doubt the rise in cannabis legalization and normalization, as well as the increasing popularity of CBD, have aided in the increased use of terpenes in “mainstream” products. Terpenes could be the safe flavor-enhancing secret your product needs. 


What are terpenes?


When you walk through a park in the middle of spring and smell the bloom in the air...what you’re sniffing is terpenes. Terpenes are molecules that power the aroma and flavor of plant life! Beyond their aromatic and flavoring abilities, some terpenes provide therapeutic properties as well, like anti-inflammation or sedation.


When terpenes are combined together with other terpenes or blended with cannabinoids, synergistic effects can take place. It’s thought that some terpenes actually enhance the “high” that THC, a cannabinoid found in cannabis, produces. This is known as the entourage effect. 


We have a very helpful guide to all things terpenes if you want to dive deeper. 


Benefits of Using Hemp-Derived Terpenes as a Flavor Additive 


It’s true that terpenes are gaining popularity as a food-grade flavoring agent. Gum, candy, lip gloss, beverages, tobacco, cannabis or CBD vaporizer cartridges -- all of these products can harness the power of terpenes to boost flavor without compromising safety. 


Here are three reasons why terpenes make such a great option as a safe food-grade flavoring agent. 


1) Terpenes are Natural 

No more artificial or synthetic flavoring agents. With hemp-derived terpenes, you can boost all sorts of flavors, from mint to citrus and everything in between, all by using plant-based ingredients. 


In 2019, a vape crisis emerged in the United States, with a handful of people getting sick after using black-market vaporizer cartridges. As a result, many cannabis-friendly states and the federal government placed temporary or permanent flavor bans on vape cartridge makers. Some manufacturers now use plant-derived, natural terpenes to boost flavor in their cartridges instead of synthetic flavoring agents that can do added harm. 

2) No Calorie, No Sugar Flavoring

In this world, it’s hard to find something that is tasty with no calories or sugar, but terpenes are the real deal. These tiny molecules pack a major punch of flavor without sweeteners or syrups. 


3) Can Emphasize Intended Effects

Looking to boost flavor while also providing specific effects? Let’s go back to our artisan tea maker example. If you are looking to create a special tea blend specifically for a pre-bed ritual, you may consider adding the terpene Linalool. Linalool is known for its floral flavor, but also its calming and sedative effects. In this case, terpenes can act as a powerful flavor AND effect booster. 



Terpenes are a legal, food-grade flavoring agent that can be used across a huge variety of applications. From a renowned chef to a tobacco vaporizer cartridge manufacturer, terpenes are utilized to safely and naturally boost flavor.


To find out more, download our FREE guide to hemp-derived terpene utilization!

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