Terpenes for Vape Flavoring in the Wake of the Vape Crisis

PUBLISHED Jun 30, 2020
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The vape crisis left many questioning what the future would hold for the vape industry. Starting in the summer of 2019, vape users arrived at hospitals across the country, presenting with serious respiratory-related symptoms. Doctors were left baffled as to why these previously healthy, and in certain cases very young, individuals were suddenly coming down with such serious illnesses. 




This outbreak, which prompted the creation of a new acronym for the condition also known EVALI or E-cigarette or Vape Associated Lung Injury, brought to light the need for further research on ingredients used within vaporizable products. Ingredients that are deemed safe for internal consumption can be dangerous or even toxic if heated and inhaled. 


Doctors were able to gather enough information from these patients to determine that black market THC vape pens were the main culprit. However, it would later be discovered that vitamin E acetate used within certain vape products was responsible for the development of these serious respiratory issues. In the process of narrowing down the source of the problem, many new regulations were placed on the vape industry, with certain states banning flavored vape products and major retailers pulling e-cigarettes from their shelves. 




Doctors and scientists alike have cautioned that vitamin E acetate was not the only culprit in the EVALI outbreak, and warn that there is still much we do not know about the ingredients within vapable products. Vaping is still relatively new, especially compared to traditional tobacco products, and more time is required to understand long-term effects. 


While certain vape restrictions have been altered, and sometimes even lifted, in light of newer developments on the source of the vape crisis, many companies are looking for alternatives to the ingredients they are currently using to formulate their vape products. 




Traditional flavoring ingredients that have been used in vape products are now being swapped for safer, more natural alternatives. Terpenes happen to fit that bill perfectly. 


Terpenes are a great option for adding to the flavor profile of vape products. Terpenes are plant-derived flavor and aroma molecules found naturally in plants, like cannabis. Terpenes can also increase the desired effects of certain hemp-based or cannabis-based products. Each terpene is unique in scent and flavor, but also in therapeutic benefit. Adding a terpene like myrcene to a product meant to target stress is a great way to “level up” the desired effects while still utilizing natural cannabis-derived ingredients. 




As brands and ingredient manufacturers look to make certain changes to their offerings, there are some brands that bring in artificially-made terpenes, or synthetic terpenes, to boost flavors within their products. This practice, particularly in inhalable products, can result in a rather unpredictable final product. Synthetic terpenes are made in a lab, and may lack consistency. Naturally-derived terpenes, like hemp-derived terpenes, are a better way to ensure overall quality and consistency of both the product and its effects. 


To learn more about utilizing hemp-derived terpenes in your products, check out our FREE terpene guide.


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