Hemp Cosmetics & Skincare: Fad or New Normal?

It was not long ago that hemp and CBD wellness products started making their way onto store shelves and into our medicine cabinets, and at first it was surprising. Eventually, CBD became a topic of conversation in everyday life, and hemp is now as approachable as any other plant. This fast adoption of hemp-derived CBD […]

Hemp Seed Oil vs CBD Oil in Hemp-Based Cosmetics

Hemp-based ingredients thrive in the world of skincare and cosmetics, but the differences between hemp seed oil and CBD oil can sometimes be unclear. It is important to understand these hemp ingredients so you can better determine a formulation that meets your needs.  CBD oil and hemp seed oil are both derived from the hemp […]

On the Radar: 5 Hemp Cosmetic and Personal Care Brands to Watch

Hemp is taking over the cosmetics industry in more ways than one. From mass retail stores to luxury brands, hemp cosmetics and skincare are breaking the stigmas surrounding cannabis and emerging into the mainstream market with ease.  Here are our picks for the top five brands to watch in 2020 as they navigate the careful […]