On the Radar: 5 Hemp Cosmetic and Personal Care Brands to Watch

PUBLISHED Jun 02, 2020
elf nourishing regimen

Hemp is taking over the cosmetics industry in more ways than one. From mass retail stores to luxury brands, hemp cosmetics and skincare are breaking the stigmas surrounding cannabis and emerging into the mainstream market with ease. 

Here are our picks for the top five brands to watch in 2020 as they navigate the careful marriage of hemp and mainstream cosmetics.

Hemp Cosmetic brands making their mark in 2020


E.l.f. cosmetics (short for eyes, lips and face) built a brand around the idea that high quality, cruelty-free products don't have to come at a high or cruel price point. They use this same approach with their hemp-based products as well. 

The e.l.f. Skin Hit Kit combines the entire hemp skincare line into one convenient and portable package and boasts some powerful benefits. Though these products contain only hemp seed oil (sometimes called cannabis sativa seed oil) and no CBD, they have still managed to bridge the gap between niche hemp skincare and large retail appeal. These products are currently available in retailers like Target, Rite Aid, and CVS.

elf nourishing regimen


Herbivore Botanicals was born with a vision to bring the power of nature into safe, non-toxic, and effective skincare for all. Adding a hemp seed oil formulation seems like a no-brainer here, and their Emerald Hemp Seed Deep Glow Moisture Oil boosted their popularity and brand recognition exponentially. This product single-handedly moved the brand from an up-and-comer to a main player in the space and landed them deals with large retailers like Sephora, Nordstrom, and Urban Outfitters.

Herbivore also created a CBD infused version of the product, which is available exclusively on its website, combines the soothing power of hemp seed oil, CBD and adaptogens to supercharge skin recovery and rejuvenation.

herbivore emerald oil

Milk Makeup

The unapologetic nature of Milk Makeup has been their calling card since inception, and their products are developed with their unique community and culture in mind. Milk dipped its toe into the hemp cosmetics pool with cult-favorite Kush High Volume Mascara, a volumizing fiber mascara infused with conditioning hemp seed oil.

Milk Makeup has since expanded its Kush line to include hemp seed oil infused lip, brow and lash products. More recently, Milk has launched its CBD + Arnica Solid Body Oil, the first of their products to contain hemp-derived CBD. Milk's fearless nature and dedication to their community have helped them develop a close relationship with luxury cosmetics retailer Sephora.

milk makeup kush mascara


While Sephora carries over 700 brands of cosmetics, skincare, beauty tools and personal care items, the company also carefully researches and develops its own Sephora Collection brand built with clients' needs in mind. Sephora Collection products forecast trends and make luxury available to all with accessible price points and variety. It is no surprise that Sephora Collection saw the potential in hemp, and developed their own hemp skincare masks, makeup wipes, and body care products.

These products only contain hemp seed oil for the time being, but as other brands start to adopt CBD into their formulations you can expect Sephora to follow suit.

sephora mask

Shea moisture

Shea Moisture was established to pass down ancient beauty techniques and ingredients in a compromise-free manner. Shea Moisture takes no shortcuts in delivering tried and tested solutions to the masses, with approachable pricing and hero ingredients you know and recognize. Hemp has been used for centuries in many ways, including oil-based skin treatments, making a hemp seed oil product a welcomed addition to their line up. Shea Moisture Skin Rescue Moisturizer combines the soothing and balancing properties of hemp seed oil and the toning properties of witch hazel to guide skin into calmer days. 

Shea Moisture's dedication to natural beauty allowed them to break into mass retailers like CVS, Target, and Walgreens, easily allowing the brand to bring hemp cosmetics to a store near you.

shea moisture

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