Groff NA Hemplex is a physician-owned, hemp-cannabis company focused onprocessing industrial hemp. We process and refine hemp for its beneficialcompounds and materials to further benefit people and the planet. Hemplexspecializes in science- based custom cannabinoid formulations to meet consumerand market needs. Through a combination of technology and humancapital,we continue to develop innovative and proven products for our customers.


Farmacy Partners is a physician owned and operated retail experience basedin South Central, Pennsylvania. For years as an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. SteveGroff was confined to treating patients with traditional pain and recoverymethods. As plant-based wellness solutions have become more prominent andaccessible, Dr. Groff became convicted to educate his community and futuregeneration of patients. This passion spawned the creation of Farmacy Partnerswhich evolved into a voice of reason in an otherwise confusing industry. OurFarmacy Partners products are all formulated, compounded and fulfilled inSouth Central Pennsylvania, and are part of the vertically integrated hempinitiative that is Groff North America. The Farmacy Partners difference lies inits physician-owned story, local priorities, and global proficiency