Hemp and Cannabis-derived terpenes for sale


Terpenes are what you smell when walking in the woods or shopping in your local florist shop. Each has its own unique scent, taste and effect when taken in conjunction with cannabinoids. Some produce sedation coupled with pain relief and appetite stimulation. Others produce feelings of euphoria and invigoration. Many of the common effects we associate with cannabis can be traced back to the specific blend of terpenes in a given cultivar.


Groff NA extracts terpenes and can custom blend to be added to products. You can use terpenes to enhance flavor in vaporizer cartridges, to modulate desired effects in a beverage or to intensify aromas in candles. The options for terpenes are virtually endless!

Why use gna terpenes vs. Other “naturally” derived terpenes?                                                                            
  • GNA does not use any solvents when extracting terpenes.
    • When using Terpenes, cannabis and CBD brands can claim products are 100% derived from the plant.
    • It is very difficult to track the supply chain of “naturally” derived terpenes, but not with GNA.
    • We run a full panel of third party lab testing on all of our ex-tracts, partnering with ISO accredited labs with 40+ years of experience in lab testing.
    • Our extraction process results in 99%+ terpenes, where other extraction processes tend to pull over cannabinoids.

How to Utilize Terpenes: