Utilizing hemp-derived ingredients for flavoring & aroma

The Cannabis plant is full of potent compounds that produce bold, distinct flavors and aromas that can be added to products like vaporizer cartridges. Terpenes like myrcene produce a fruity flavor similar to mango, whereas Caryophyllene is peppery and Pinene tastes woodsy like pine. These distinct flavors can be added to cannabis and tobacco products to enhance flavor without using artificial flavoring agents. With Groff NA’s Cannabis-derived terpenes, you can boost flavor and aroma while keeping your product 100% plant based.

Groff NA Cannabis-derived ingredients vs. Others?


  • No solvents or harsh temperatures in our extraction process
  • Third party lab testing by ISO Accredited labs
  • Ability to curate and customize hemp ingredient blends perfectly tailored to your product
  • Physician-Owned